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Ningbo Rian Valve Co., Ltd. was established in 1982 situated in the beautiful harbor city of Ningbo. It is a national high-tech and high-end manufacturing expertise for valve design and a Ningbo Scientific and Technology Engineering R&D Center. Rian Industrial Zone covers a total area of 70,000m2 with a valve manufacturing history of 32 years. Two sub-companies are affiliated including a casting company and a stainless steel product company.

The company specializes in   branded gate valve, ball valve, stop valve, check valve, Y strainer, tap, angle valve, HVAC valves, metal plumbing pipe fittings and accessories for Water treatment, Water supply & Gas of all kinds underwritten by PICC.

Rian has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001, USA CSA, UL, FM and NSF, Britain WRAS and EN-331, French ACS and Australian WATERMARK and other series of certificates for quality control and product certification. It is equipped with edged facilities for production and test. It has achieved a provincial licensed certificate for secured products concerning drinking water, and a licensed certificate for pressure piping element manufacturing. The enterprise is entitled Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province.

Rian Company strives to provide quality valve products and sound after-sales service to customers from all walks of life with profession. We persist on the advanced managerial concept oriented by pioneering and innovative spirit. We are expecting for an endurable path for future development and aimed to construct a centurial enterprise.


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